Sapphire Dice Virtual Gallery

curating in virtuality.


Sapphire Dice Virtual Gallery was a publically accessible 3d art space on the web, and in future incarnations aims to host a series of solo and group shows with the intention of novel, unique and dynamic exposure of a mix of international artists. These will be conceptually multi-layered exhibits as a truly collaborative artpiece, as the works of the individuals curated will be recreated in virtual reality. This will result in a symbiotic work combining gallery, curator, artist, artwork and the visiting public.
The aim is to realize directly Charlie Leadbeater’s idea of the ‘Art of With’: museums and galleries are now entering an age as collaborative spaces where artists, audiences and curators interact in the co-production of culture and value. This echoes Alfred Barr, founding director of New York’s MoMA, who had a vision of the museum as a laboratory in whose experiments the public would be invited to participate. This is exactly what Sapphire Dice Virtual Gallery intends to achieve.