Sapphire Dice Collective

Sapphire Dice Collective is a loose, non-hierarchical group of individuals affiliated with Sapphire Dice initiatives.
Sapphire Dice curates artists and musicians with intention.
Sapphire Dice stands for fire & ice, harnessing tension and provoking thought.
Sapphire Dice favours the approach of art as a way of infiltrating, altering or expanding people’s viewpoints & perspectives and thus their experience of reality, especially in ways that go against the grain. Its philosophy is grounded in the significance of art and its value for society, societal progress and culture creation. Read more here…

Maia Lyon Daw is a multimedia artist from the UK currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her work explores such themes as nature, ethics, mythology and the psyche. Her current inspiration is drawn from the idea that one can forge new realities and new ways to experience the world through ritual, inner workings and active animism. She is the founder of the public platform Sapphire Dice (formerly Cottage Industry Records) and through this has curated over 50 underground artists, performers and musicians since 2008. She holds a BFA in Audiovisual Arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2009), A BA in Religious Studies from the University of Stirling (2005) and an MA in the History of Hermetic Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam (2011).

On her journey in India Janneke Raaphorst introduced herself to Swami G. as Janika. He explained her name means flying carpet in Sanskrit. What is a flying carpet if not a vehicle for fantasy, storytelling or travelling? It is an airplane blanket she sewed from textiles she collected on the Silk Road. In her work Janneke Raaphorst weaves text, textile and context.


Prana Estu Nibbering
Sometimes finding or creating objects and an environment for them to function. She experiments with eclectic methods in which a narrative can reveal itself, usually accompanied by a human performance, and with specific attention to the materiality and ephemerality of things. The objects continue to perform on their own.

In short stories, novels and poetry, Jasper Griepink (Eindhoven, 1988) extrapolates his fears, desires and fantasies as a (western) body looking for unity, romance and wisdom across (foreign) cultures. In elaborate performance & installation works that function as baths, the bodies, histories and feelings of an audience are directly invited into play. Within streams of sounds, smells, tactile matter and physical interaction Jasper tries to bring the at times confronting reality of our physical impermanence to the fore in tangible and often entertaining ways.
Since his MFA graduating at the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, 2013) Jasper has been traveling through South-East Asia and South America, been a resident at Alto Residency, Brazil, Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag. He recently performed at TENT Rotterdam, 1646 The Hague and MuHKA Antwerp.