Northern Light Residency

Autumn 2013- Northern Light Residency, Trondheim, Norway.
The very first pop-up international art residency to be initiated by Sapphire Dice. The Northern Light Residency Exhibition will be held on Full Moon Friday October 18th at Galleri Blunk in the Svartlamon district of Trondheim.

Featuring art by

Janicka Ravenhirst (NL)
Prana Estu (BE/ID)
Maia Lyon Daw (UK)
Mathias R. Samuelsen & Andreas Schille (NO)
With secret contributions by Egil Asprem & Einar Asprem (NO)


The point of view enabled by time-lapse transcends the limitations of ordinary human perception. The way we experience time is determined and shaped by our bodies and brain, and through the technology of time-lapse we can enhance and expand our perception of time. In this manner we can experience duration in a magnitude beyond our normal phenomenal life-worlds. In this manner we can witness SPACE-TIME WORMS.

The way that nature’s forms extend through time can be represented in two different ways. They may appear as stable time-lines, fixed structures, Platonizing forms, order and stability. These endless and stable forms are bound up in space-time worms, four-dimensional creatures previously known only to metaphysicians. But nature also expresses itself through change; endless cycles of birth, growth, and decay. Extension in time thus appears as instability and entropy, old forms withering and new ones emerging. Both understandings provide ways of seeing and visualizing nature in time that transcends our limited, everyday perception. By utilizing the idea of time-lapse one can aim to expose nature’s hidden stories of stability/order vs. chaos/complexity, veiled from our ordinary perceptions.

Northern Light Residency Exhibition is anchored in these concepts, and we invite the audience to use these ideas as a point of orientation when engaging with the exhibited works.

northernlightopeningJanneke Raaphorst giving a Flying Carpet performance during the opening night at Galleri Blunk