California Nature Art Residency: Leaping off the ends of the earth into Virtual Space

The concept for this project revolves around space, and the contrast between the cramped Netherlands (where the Sapphire Dice platform was founded) and the abundant space and sprawl of the Pacific West. The initial aim of this journey was Novel Immersion for the Incubation of Imagination through exploring the epic vastness and exposing ourselves to unique experiences. Travelling to the ends of the earth to witness extreme features of earthly space, as big space gives room for big ideas. This included passing by the highest and lowest points of the continental US (The Sierras and Death Valley, respectively), and visiting the oldest and largest trees on this planet (the Bristlecone Pines and Sequoias, respectively). The trees here push the very boundaries of space and time, a living testimony to the possibilities of life on earth. This also leads one to consider the finite nature of earthly space, and the role of virtual space and virtual objects in our futures.

In the works we will be exploring these ideas, and the resulting presentations will involve the public by inviting them into virtual spaces we create to interact with virtual versions of our real life physical art objects.

Launching into the Virtual: Janneke Raaphorst’s Lotus Desert Shelter