Sapphire Dice is an initiative by Maia Lyon Daw founded in February 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Sapphire Dice Gallery situated on Solebay Straat in Amsterdam West was a pop-up public platform that hosted two successful underground art shows featuring 11 local artists and performers. The shows were called ‘Art is Dead’ albeit not meaning ‘dead’ in a literal sense, but in the Black Metal sense as a force of power and rebellion. This was a reaction to the current political climate in the Netherlands at the time with its dismal attitude towards the arts and their significance in culture creation. These two shows focused on curating artworks with loosely esoteric themes, another way of celebrating the heterodox and rebellion against austere traditional and patriarchal values inhibiting those in creative vocations.
Out of this context Sapphire Dice Collective was formed as a loose community of artists from the same school of thought sharing similar conceptual attitudes.

In early 2013 Sapphire Dice opened a new venue, this time in virtual reality, simultaneously showing virtual versions of real-life pieces exhibited elsewhere in Maia Lyon Daw’s ‘Earth Shrine’ works. Sapphire Dice Virtual Gallery was a publically accessible 3d art space on the web, and in future incarnations aims to host a series of solo and group shows with the intention of novel, unique and dynamic exposure of a mix of international artists. These will be conceptually multi-layered exhibits as a truly collaborative artpiece, as the works of the individuals curated will be recreated in virtual reality. This will result in a symbiotic work combining gallery, curator, artist, artwork and the visiting public.

In Autumn 2013 Sapphire Dice initiated its first art residency in collaboration with Galleri Blunk in Trondheim, Norway, which resulted in a group exhibition with performances, video and installations. Visit the Northern Light Residency page for more details.
In Autumn 2015 Sapphire Dice embarked on its second international art residency programme featuring several artists involved in the Sapphire Dice Collective. The residency took place at various locations in California, and will result in a work presentation in late 2016. Further details will be announced here.

Please visit tidalspectrum.com for more information on Maia Lyon Daw.